Rudesheim in the romantic Rhine valley

The Niederwald monument Germania

The monument on the Niederwald in Rudesheim Rhine

Rudesheim Rhine Niederwald On the edge of the forest, 250 m above the Rhine, a huge monument designed to symbolize the re-establishment of the german Empire and Germany's unity was erected between 1877 and 1883.

The Germania is the main figure of the monument

The monument is over 132 ft high and about 120 ft wide.The main figure on the monument is the Germania, bearing the Imperial sword and the German Emperor's crown.32 tons of bronze were required for casting the weight lady. Niederwald Monument Germania

The cable car from Rudesheim to the Niederwald

Cable car Rudesheim Niederwald From Rudesheim there is a choice of foot-paths, roads and the cable car leading to the top of the Niederwald.

The chairlift from Assmannshausen to the Niederwald

From Assmannshausen you can reach the northern top of the Niederwald with a chairlift.
There is a 45 minutes walking distance to the monument.
Chairlift Rudesheim Assmannshausen

The panorama view on the Rhine valley

Additional information

View from the Niederwald to Rudesheim History has rendered such monumentalism obsolete, so you have a good excuse simply enjoy the panoramic views that stretch out below the monument.

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