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Your visit in Koblenz Rhine / Moselle

Middle Rhine map

The river Rhine - - - - - - The river Mosel

Middle-sized city with inviting areas for walking or shopping

Sights :Deutsches Eck (German Corner) at the Rhine-Mosel-confluence, Rhine-Promenade, Mosel-Promenade, Fortress Ehrenbreitstein

koblenz german corner koblenz fortress ehrenbreitstein

Koblenz Profile / Tourist Attractions

Koblenz (site of the city) Koblenz (HistoricGermany)
Koblenz - Tour of the town's heritage Koblenz (Tom Galvin)
Koblenz (Germany Tourism) Koblenz (Galen Frysinger)
Koblenz (World Heritage Site) Koblenz (answers.com)
Rhineland-Palatinate .

city map plan photos Koblenz Rhein Mosel Germany

Koblenz Services

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Koblenz Weather (Yahoo) Koblenz Photos 2
Cinemascope Koblenz Koblenz German Corner

city map plan photos Koblenz Rhine Mosel Germany

Distances to Koblenz

1 km = 0,62 miles

Cologne 109 km Bonn 84 km Rdesheim 63 km
Mainz 100 km Frankfurt 121 km Heidelberg 166 km

Cologne - Frankfurt - Heidelberg - Koblenz - Mainz - Rdesheim - Wiesbaden

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